Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Skyhawks Fly over Cougars

Okay here is the breakdown mostly taken from an email from Coach Kim. Overall we played pretty hard at the game on March 28.

Lost to Skutt 0-6. Goal One: Came from our left side dribbled across the 18 on the ground about 12 yards out and then an open Skutt girl knocked it in. Goal Two: They did a short corner on the other side...no one went out to pressure. The short corner went to Bartels and she dribbled it in and took a line drive shot on goal. Goal Three: Girl brings it down and crosses from the right hand side of the field, and finds an open Skutt girl just chillin in the box. Goal Four: Bartels fakes out a defender and gets a cross off and finds an open girl at the top of the six.

During the first half we had some opportunities on goal and a couple of corners, but no shots. Skutt's defense had a few problems with us but we were unable to capitalize. Their sweeper is good at tracking people down. Kim thought we would come away with some breakaways....but it never hapened.

Second half we worked a bit harder defensively the first goal was a shot from pretty far out right over Bri's head the second was from the side-ish and it was a hard shot....I think Bri attempted to tip it over....but that didn't work.

Offensively we had a bit more attack, we got it down there more and had one shot on goal. We were too quiet on the field....and off.

It was a disappointing scoreline, but all the defensive breakdowns are fixable.

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