Sunday, March 27, 2011

Central Postponed. Snow Why?

OK. The Central game was postponed because it snowed. Who needs snow during the spring sports season? It snow laughing matter. But after we thawed about it, we drifted toward accepting that practice instead of the game would do us some good.

We had an avalanche of energy when we practiced Saturday morning at the Omaha Sports Complex. If we play the next game the way we practiced on Saturday, extremely good things will happen.

That is the big question, really. Can we take the way we practice to the game? It is up to each and every player to find a way to do that. I believe we can.

The next game is a nice challenge for us. If it doesn't snow, we play Skutt at 4:30 at Papio Soccer Park, Monday, March 28. Skutt has had a bit of success the past few years. We look to put pressure on them and take advantage of our opportunities. I look forward to the results.

Unfortunately, I cannot be at the games this week, if we have them. My step mom passed away in Arkansas after battling cancer. Our whole family is traveling there this week to support my Dad and attend the services. Your prayers for our family and for the Cougar soccer players would be appreciated. Coach Kim and Coach Maggie and Coach John will be in charge in my absence.

A shout out to the former Kristin Monzingo who I hear was recently reading this blog. Thanks for all you have done for us in the graphics department. (I think perhaps you have been so good to us recently , designing graphics for all of our uniforms and t-shirts because you feel so guilty about coaching for Skutt against the Cougars when you were a youth.)(ha...kidding:-)

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