Friday, February 29, 2008

Millard South Soccer Player Puts Pen to Paper

Ashley Turco signed her letter of intent at Millard South on Wednesday, February 27. Ashley's dad and grandmother were also there for the big event. Ashley is a senior forward at Millard South and is looking forward to a great high school soccer season (if this weather will ever treat us right.) I am happy that Ashley will be joining us next year at the College of Saint Mary. She will certainly help us out. Ashley played her club soccer most recently with Phoeniz Infierno and has played with fellow CSM recruits KaSie Bergland and Kira Cross.

Welcome to the family!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

CSM Soccer Players Work Out

Right now, we are in the 4th week of our winter conditioning program with the Xplosive Edge. X-Edge is located inside the Omaha Sports Complex, also known as "The Center" on 147th and Giles, just off of the highway 50 exit on interstate 80. We are trained by Gibb Duvall and Jaron Cook. I really believe in the benefits of their program. One way the X-Edge training shows itself is in the latter part of games. For example, last season the team went into 3 overtimes and won all three. Part of our success in overtime I attribute to our X-Edge training. Another big reason I believe in the X-Edge program is because of injury prevention. We just do not get soft tissue injuries (muscle pulls.) The only injuries we have had the past two seasons are a couple ankle sprains due to bad turf and a clavicle break (she got her foot caught in a net and fell hard on her shoulder.) Also, their program teaches correct running and cutting techniques which helps prevent injuries like ACL tears. It is challenging and not many people like getting up early to go work out, but I think it is great. It is part of who we are.

I would recommend the X-Edge program to anyone.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Soccer Player Signs with CSM!

Nikki Prusha signed her letter of intent to play for CSM in the fall this past Monday (February 25th.) Nikki is very excited to be able to join the team. She wants to be a nurse and was very impressed with the CSM nursing program. Nikki is a current freshman in college and is taking classes at Metro this semester after her first semester at UNO. Prusha played high school soccer at Gross Catholic (2007 grad)and club soccer for Azzuri Valencia, the same team that one of our other transfer students (Schweiger) played for.

I am delighted to sign Nikki and I look forward to coaching her again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ralston, Nebraska Soccer Player Joins the CSM Family

Erin Peterson, a senior defender from Ralston High School, put pen to paper on Monday, February 11, signing her letter of intent for CSM. Erin's mom and dad and high school coach, Andy Parizek were there to see her sign. Erin was also interviewed by the Ralston Recorder.

We are very happy to have Erin as part of the flames family. She is a very smart and powerful player who reads the game well. Erin wants to go into education at CSM. I am sure she will make a fine teacher as well as an exemplary college soccer player. Erin is the 9th player to sign for CSM this year.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Columbus, Nebraska Soccer Player Signs

On Thursday, February 7th, I got into my car and drove to Columbus so I could hand-deliver a letter of intent to Abbey Arlt so she could sign with CSM. Abbey is a current senior at Columbus High School. The signing ceremony occurred in the CHS library. Abbey's parents and coaches were there to witness.

Abbey is a wonderful player with a great family. I think she will make a fantastic contribution to the team and I am looking forward to coaching her. At this time, Abbey has not decided what she will major in at CSM. Welcome to the CSM family, Abbey!

See what the Columbus Telegram has to say about Abbey!

Iowa Western Soccer Player Signs with CSM

Katie Archibald, Iowa Western Community College midfielder, signed her letter of intent with us on Wednesday, February 6th. Katie is the teammate of Courtney Pearcy, who signed with CSM in December. As you recall, Iowa Western is the junior college National Champion runner-up in 2006 and 2007.

I am very pleased to add Katie to our the recruiting class of 2008. She will add her athleticism, work rate and great personality to the team. Katie plans on majoring in business with an emphasis in accounting. Welcome to the team, Archie!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Gross Catholic 2 Sport Athlete Signs with the College of Saint Mary

On Tuesday, February the 5th, Kira Cross signs her letter of intent with CSM. Kira is a soccer and a basketball player who is looking forward to competing at the college level. Kira is a current student at Gross Catholic High School in Omaha where I also coach. I think Kira will enjoy her experience at CSM and I am looking forward to continue to coach her. Kevin Lien (our basketball coach and AD) is also excited about Kira joining the basketball team next year. It will be just great!