Friday, October 1, 2010

The Injury Bug Bites the Flames

Bellevue 2, CSM 1 is the scoreline for Wednesday's conference opener. 2 players were seriously hurt in the first half and we gave up 2 goals too many.

Within the first 5 minutes, one of our players was involved in a collision with a Bellevue player and at first, didn't think much of it. Then blood started soaking through her sock and we took her off the field. When our trainer examined her, we discovered a very serious laceration and so we took her to the ER immediately. Her wound required 27 stitches and our hope is that she will heal quickly.

With 2 minutes to go in the first half, another player went down with a knee injury. She looked like she just tweaked it a bit during play. However, when Jeff the trainer checked her at halftime, she was unable to go back in. It looks serious, but we don't know for sure, MRI results are pending.

We had 3 other players who finished the game with nagging injuries, 2 quads and a knee. The knee is getting checked out on Monday.

One of the things that we have been emphasizing with the team is that we need 90 minute players. That is, we need players who can play the whole game without needing to come off the field. One of the other things we have been emphasizing is being able to handle pressure and adversity. That was certainly put to the test on Wednesday playing with injuries and against a good Bellevue team.

Bellevue scored their 2 goals in the first half. The first, a ball was sent down the middle and we didn't have the ambition to stop the Bellevue forward from dribbling into the box for a shot. We still weren't quite there when the ball hit the post and rebounded to another Bellevue player who slotted it in the net. The second Bellevue goal was from a cross. We left someone unchallenged in the box and she was able to flick the ball in off the crossbar.

The Flames immediately responded with a dangerous long throw by Abby Schlater. Abby whipped the ball in the box and a Bellevue player accidentally headed the ball into her own goal.

Even though we dominated possession at times, we were unable to finish. We had some close tries, balls just going wide or hitting off of the crossbar but were unable to tie up the game in the second half.

A valiant effort by the Flames who had lost 2 starters for the duration. I was proud of the way we bounced right back after the second goal and especially looked very dangerous with Schlater's flip throws.

The Central Christian game this Saturday has been changed to he 26th at 3 pm. The next time the Flames play is in Hastings on the 13th. We will see you there!