Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roncalli Squeeks by the Cougars.

The Cougars came out very strong in the first minutes of the game, creating a number of good chances. Abby was able to run through and poke one in but was ruled offsides by the assistant referee. Even though we were against the wind, we had a lot of possession in the Roncalli end of the field.

Roncalli's goal came toward the end of the first half. It looked like one of their players was out of bounds on the far side of the field and a number of our players stopped, allowing 3 Roncalli players free in the box. Anyway, the player that looked as if she was out of bounds crossed the ball to one of the open people and she tapped it in.

We could have responded better finishing the half a bit down mentally. At halftime, we encouraged the team to run through balls and we started the second half on fire, creating many opportunities, but not finishing them. We had a bit of a wind at our backs and that ended up helping us keep possession of the ball for long periods.

The final tally of shots, Gross Catholic 27, Roncalli 7. A dominating performance in all areas except the one that they put in the paper, the score.

We are very close to breaking through to awesomeness. Working hard, working smart, and finishing are the 3 things that will get us to the next level. Count on us getting there.

Next game is today at home versus South Sioux City.

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