Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Victory Over Beatrice!

Another game breakdown from an email from Coach Kim. Remember, I was out of town dealing with my step-moms funeral services. This is for the March 31st game vs Beatrice.

Okey dokey here goes. First of all we changed the warm up a bit. We started with a brief game of handball and then did 6v6 plus 6. You know blue and black keeping it away from yellow who is in the middle. Then we did run throughs and dog fight and score possession (we ran out of time for scramble in the box). Okay game time came and I asked them very nicely to please, please, please, please, please play hard and make a personal commitmet to not let the other team score. Well we did that very well in the beginning. Actually I think in the first 5 minutes of the game Beatrice was yelling at each other saying that we were winning all the balls :)

Our first goal came at 28 mins in. Amy sent a thru ball to Abby and she just ran through the ball and stayed with it until it went in. We were all so proud! The next goal was at 34. Sam dropped it to Renee who had a pretty nice shot around the 18. Goal three was at 36 mins by Sam...sprinted hard to the ball and took it to goal and shot it at the near post and it went in.

Problems in the first half...after we had a corner, they went all the way down the field and almost scored and on one of the kick offs we stabbed like 3 times and they got to the 18.

Second half we started out pretty good. The game was getting more physical. At 59 minutes 00 from Beatrice got physical with one of our defenders right at the top of the box, and the ref put his whistle to his mouth and then decided not to blow it. Anyway she then dribbled into the box and shot it past Bri. Then just a couple of minutes later one of their players crossed/shot it and 00 flicked it in the goal. It was a nice goal. At 66 minutes, Abby scored again on another complete hustle play. It was played forward and she got a toe on it as the keeper was coming out. Although she kind of hurt her knee a bit. At 68 minutes, Z had a nice shot that beat the keeper. Then at 70 they had a girl that we felt was clearly offsides who went on a breakaway and was able to beat Bri.

All in all it was pretty good. I know that they scored 3, but we scored 5.....so thats good!

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