Friday, September 3, 2010

Everything is Kung Fu and Ketchup

We are now in sunny California. Got in last night without many problems at all (except I am traveling with a bunch of crazy, goofy soccer players.)

The flight was long but we did get a movie (The Karate Kid.) Jackie Chan (playing the "Mr. Miyagi" part) said, "Everything is Kung-FU" and I belive him. So, if that is true, soccer is Kung-Fu. Today we need to gather our Chi and fight our way through any adversity. Yep, everything is Kung-Fu.

On the flight if we wanted dinner we had to pay $8.00. Needless to say, no one got dinner. We did get free peanuts! Wo. I think there was a whole 12 peanuts in my package (Heaven.) For some strange reason, we were very hungry when we got in to LA. I asked the guy at the rental place for a good place to go to eat and he recommended In and Out Burger.

So--we went and it was good, but I don't eat fast food like that very often and my stomach let me know. I found out that Ramsey really likes ketchup, so I took a shot of Rambo's Lake O'Ketchup for all to see. That's a lot.

Today we go to Santa Clarita where it is over 105 degrees to play nationally ranked The Master's College. Wish us luck!

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