Saturday, August 28, 2010

Asleep, Now Awake! CSM & MLC Tie.

I know, I know. I have been asleep at the wheel and haven't posted here for quite awhile. What have I been doing you ask? Traveling the world in search of soccer players? A little of that. Spending time with my 2 wonderful daughters and great wife. Oh yeah. Watching re-runs of the World Cup? Definitely. Anyway, I am awake now and so is the team.

Today we opened the season with a solid Midland Lutheran team that came out on fire. Now, we are supposed to be the ones that come out at the whistle on fire because we are the Flames! Get it, fire...Flames. It took us a few minutes to find our feet, but when we did, we enjoyed a lot of possession.

First half was tied 0-0. Second half we made a mistake in the back and Midland's #13 was able to get a breakaway and scored. We bounced back well and scored about five minutes later on a phenomenal 40 yard free kick from our Colorado Kid, RaeLeigh Withey. I swear the ball was screaming as it went into the net, Rae hit it so hard. Score tied 1-1.

We traded chances in overtime but neither side really challenged the keepers. Game over, 1-1 tie.

We put on a pretty good performance for the first game. I am proud of the way the Flames hung in there.

Next week, we head to California.

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