Saturday, September 18, 2010

CSM vs Graceland: A Rocky-esque Effort

I told the team at halftime of the game today that they were kinda like Rocky. They took some hits but kept moving forward. I told them they just needed to do more of the same and do the simple things and they will have success.

We did take a "knock-down" and conceded a goal about halfway through the second period. But, we picked ourselves back up and kept on. The defense was a wall after that and held nationally ranked Graceland (#11) the rest of the way, falling just 0-1.

I was very proud of the effort. Graceland is an excellent attacking team and to hold them to one goal is a great result. We had a few good chances, especially on throw-ins, but were unable to poke it in the net.

The next game is at Tranquility next Saturday against Kansas Wesleyan. Hope to see you there.

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