Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CSM Signs Iowa Soccer Player

Jessica Jerkovich signed with the Flames today at her high school, Abraham Lincoln in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Jessica's signing was attended by a principal, her parents and her high school soccer coach (Andy Ruff.) Abraham Lincoln High is under construction right now. The whole school is torn up. When the construction is done, the school will look awesome.

It looks like Jessica will be entering CSM's nationally known paralegal program. Did you know that only real lawyers teach in that program? That's what they tell me.

Jessica is a strong, tough and smart soccer player. She really knocks herself out when she is on the field (see the pic to the left where she landed on her head after her legs were taken out by a keeper.) Her toughness will surely be an asset to the Flames. She was already asking about when we start our summer conditioning and is looking forward to our trip to California over Labor Day weekend (as I am.)

Welcome to the CSM family, Jessica.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica is awesome when playing soccer. She gives it her all. Jessica is very smart and has been an over achiever her entire life. She is very family oriented and enjoys life to the fullest. Jessica certainly will be an asset to CSM.