Saturday, October 24, 2009

York Defeated; MCAC Conquered

With a 9-0 CSM win over York, the Flames wrapped up their 12th MCAC Conference Championship. In conference play, the Flames outscored their opponents 17-0.

Melissa King scored a hat trick and also added 2 assists. On one of King's goals, she out raced the keeper to a ball, played it toward the goal line and shot at a severe angle. Kaela Croushorn scored a penalty kick on her birthday. Ashley Turco scored on a breakaway where she dribbled around the keeper. Turco added 3 assists. Erin Peterson also scored on a breakaway from a pass by Turco. Erin had a defender draped all over her but was able to slide and crush the ball past the keeper. In the second half, RaeLeigh Withey also scored on breakaway, bending the ball into the right side of the goal. Kira Cross scored off of a corner by Rae. Freshman Megan Tuenge scored her first collegiate goal in the last minute of the game with a shot to the far post that clanged off the post and went it. Here is the breakdown:
Time, Goal By, Assist
6th min Goal: Melissa King
11th min Goal: Kaela Croushorn (PK)
32nd min Goal: Ashley Turco, Assist: Melissa King
36th min Goal: Erin Peterson, Assist: Ashley Turco
57th min Goal: RaeLeigh Withey, Assist: Melissa King
71st min Goal: Kira Cross, Assist: RaeLeigh Withey
80th min Goal: Melissa King
86th min Goal: Melissa King, Assist: Ashley Turco
90th min Goal: Megan Tuenge, Assist: Ashley Turco

The girls played sharp and had a stubborn defense. Swanger played in goal in the first half and had to make 2 saves. Jones in goal the second half made 4 saves. York had 7 shots and CSM, 29.

The Flames will host the MCAC Tournament in 2 weeks.

Next opponent is Doane at our house, 4 PM the 27th of October. See you there.

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