Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CSM Stitches a Path through OWU

The visiting Oklahoma Wesleyan Eagles found no joy on their trip to Omaha as the CSM Flames achieved their second conference victory 4-0.  Melissa King scored 2 goals in the first half in the 9th and 20th minutes.  Tiffany Reis dribbled up from her center back position and scored an unassisted goal in the 29th minute.  Jackie Swanger had zero saves first half.  Mollie Jones was in goal the second half and had 2 saves.

The second half started kinda slow.  The Flames had the game well in hand and kept possession, but didn't get a whole lot of chances on goal.  However, in the 70th minute, RaeLeigh Withey got the ball and saw that Senior Jessie McLaughlin was open in the box.  Rae passed it to Jessie and she scored her first collegiate goal with a right footed shot past the keeper.  Jessie had actually missed a penalty kick in the first half as well as missing the rebound.  She was very frustrated that she missed 2 good chances in the first half to score her first CSM goal so she was pretty happy she scored in the second half.  As a matter of fact, the celebration of that goal was so intense that RaeLeigh Withey was injured.  Kira Cross and RaeLeigh were jumping up and down and Kira's tooth accidently came into contact with Rae's eyebrow and ripped it open.  Of course, it bled a lot and Rae had to come off the field.  Rae is going to have to get a stitch or 2.

CSM had 26 shots and OWU had 2 total shots.  The Flames' record is now 7-3-2.  They are 2-0 in the MCAC.

The next game is at Graceland in Lamoni, Iowa this Saturday at 5:30.

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