Monday, May 2, 2011

Set Back But Not Fallen

I was watching the second "Transformers" move, "Revenge of the Fallen" on HBO this weekend. It was pretty good, lots of action. The heroes of the movie face many trials and setbacks, but win in the end.

Our heroes (the Cougars) started the week with victory but had a couple setbacks since.

On Monday, Roncalli gave us some difficulties, not Megatron-level trouble, but trouble all the same. We started well, scoring early, but made a mistake in the back and we unprepared for a long Roncalli shot that went over the head of our keeper. We bounced back with a penalty kick (made by Shannon) and another goal to make it 3-1. Made a mistake on a free kick and Roncalli got one back. We responded well and got another goal to make it 4-2. Prime victory.

Tuesday, we went in confident, but a few things just sort of blew up on us like a house full of mini Decepticons. First, there was a mix up with referees, we didn't have any. The game ended up starting an hour and fifteen minutes late after we finally found some available refs. The ninety minute warm up seemed to effect us, as we started slow. About 20 minutes in we couldn't clear a ball out of our box after numerous tries and Duchesne got a goal. We responded well and had more possession, but the chances we created were lacking until about 10 minutes left. Sienna showed all heart and effort, created a chance and stuck it in the net. Tied 1-1. We did all we could for the rest of the game and into overtime. No goals, shootout. Let me just say that we had one person score a goal in the shootout and that is not optimum (or Optimus.)

The next RCC game would then be the third consolation place game versus also orange Beatrice. We scored 5 against them last time we played. But, we knew they were dangerous because they scored 3 against us. At the beginning of Thursday's game we made a series of mistakes in row, right down the center of the field and Beatrice scored. After Beatrice scored, we did not feel panic. We were confident we could bounce back and win the game. We were very patient and controlled. We created chance after chance, but that killer pass to break open the game, or that jetfire of a shot to make the net bulge, that allspark of a goal did not occur. A disappointing loss 0-1 even though we dominated possession and shot count.

We faced 3 teams and were set back by 2. We expect to win in the end this week.

Coming up next is Districts. The first round is at 8 pm against St. Peter Claver, Monday, May 2 at Ralston. Our goal is to get goals.

As Sam Witwicky once said, "No sacrifice, no victory." We will sacrifice all this week, transforming our setbacks into success.

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