Friday, February 20, 2009

CSM Winter/Spring Soccer

What is going on? Well, the CSM soccer players are training and playing. The training goes on every weekday except Wednesday at 6 AM at the Xplosive Edge training center on 147th & Giles. The playing occurs on most Sunday evenings at the same place as the Flames participate in the women's open soccer league.

The training is going well. Most of the players are gaining muscle and explosiveness. I am looking forward to seeing how much the girls have improved when they do their testing out on March 6th. When we first started training this year in January, all the players were tested on their vertical leap, pro agility drill, 10 and 40 yards dashes, et cetera. March 6th, we test them again to see if anyone got stronger and faster.

The playing is also going well in the women's open soccer league. The Flames are currently undefeated after 2 games but face an experienced and talented team this Sunday evening. We look forward to the challenge.

Last Sunday we had a potluck soccer banquet. We ate chicken, salads and great deserts. The evening was topped off with an awards presentation. The players won awards ranging from the "MVP" award to the "Biggest Crush on Zach" award. (Zach is one of our X-Edge trainers.) A good time was had by all!

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