Wednesday, January 7, 2009

North Platte Nebraska Soccer Player Signs with CSM

I am pleased to announce the signing of Megan Tuenge, a defender from North Platte High School. Megan signed her letter of intent yesterday, January 6th in the Alumni room in the North Platte high school office. Attending the signing were Coach Jim Homan from CSM (that's me,) Coach Janie McCarthy (NP coach,) Megan's parents and some of her friends as well as the school activities director.

Megan is a very solid defender who reads the game well. She is one of the captains of her high school team. Megan is a very committed player and as a matter of fact, right after her signing, she attended her high school soccer conditioning even after her coach told her she didn't have to come today. Yep, that shows commitment.

We are looking forward to having Megan play for us and we know she will make a significant, postitive contribution to the team. Everyone was very excited for at the signing and she was excited too!

I was impressed with the North Platte high school building--it is only about 5 years old. One thing interesting about the activities director that I learned is that in the summer, he is a rodeo clown. It is not everyday that you run into a rodeo clown. At least I don't. I also learned that Megan's father is a locomotive engineer--that is an interesting job.