Saturday, October 4, 2008

OK here we are!

OK, we are in OK (Oklahoma) getting ready to meet the Oklahoma Wesleyan soccer team today at 1:00. We arrived at the sprawling metropolis of Bartlesville yesterday and ended up eating at the Oriental SUPER BUFFET! They had everything--a mongolian grill, every oriental dish ever invented and they even had crawfish, shrimp and alaskan snow crab legs. We chowed down, so to speak. Oklahoman oriental food seems to be pretty good.

If my wife and I have another kid, I think I will name him Okla (Homan.)

After dinner, back at the hotel, we commmenced our individual meetings. There is really nothing else to do--so why not? Actually, it is kind of a tradition that when we travel, the coaches meet individually with the student-athletes to see how they are doing, to comment on things they are doing well and go over areas they need to improve upon. It is also a great opportunity for the players to offer any suggestions. We didn't have a dry erase board or a chalk board to diagram formations so we ad-libbed by breaking out some change. The pennies were the opponents and the silver coins were the flames. We made a soccer ball out of kleenex and Coach Kim decorated it with her sharpie. Are we good or what? I think we started a trend. Perhaps I can sell this idea on ebay? Forget the dry erase board, the magnetic board! For only $19.95 you can buy our 11 pennies and 11 dimes to diagram your soccer formations. All you need is a flat surface! No more searching for dry erase markers, the whole system fits in your pocket. Act now and we will throw in a hand made soccer ball made out of kleenex for no extra charge.

We are going to leave in an hour to head over to OWU. Wish us luck.

Tomorrow we travel to Claremore, OK for a match with Will Rogers State. I never met a soccer team I didn't like.

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