Saturday, July 12, 2008

4 Weddings and a Pre-Season

Today my family went to Molly McGowan's wedding to Andy Cada in Schuyler. It was a very nice wedding and a fun reception. I saw a number of former CSM players at the wedding and reception. It is great to see teammates supporting each other. It has been a summer of CSM weddings. Our assistant coach Kim Ernesti ('98 CSM grad) was married in May to David Matzen. Mandy Saar (09,) who played for us last year was married a few weeks ago. Molly ('08 grad) walked the aisle today and Jessi Brannen ('08) gets married on the 19th of July. As a matter of fact, both Molly and Jessi got engaged during the 2007 soccer season. It is truly great to see these quality individuals get married. You hope that CSM has been an important part of their lives and will continue to be so.

Pre-season begins in a few weeks on the 4th of August. We are all looking forward to getting started. In the meantime, we are playing in the Sunday 8v8 league (record= 2-1) and will be in Springfield July 21-25 putting on a soccer camp to help the club players there improve their soccer skills.

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