Monday, April 14, 2008

Wow, don't you just love the weather!

Today, I gotta say, thank God for the beautiful day. I just spent a weekend in Kansas City going to soccer games where the wind chill was in the teens. Yikes.

Currently, I am coaching high school soccer as well as trying to get to some of our recruit's games but it ain't working out so well. Coaching a high school team (Gross Catholic Girls) keeps me way busy. That and the horrible weather has prevented me from getting out there. A number of the games I could have gone to (so I could say "Hi!" to our recruits) have been cancelled due rain, cold or even snow. Hopefully today is the start of a warming trend that lasts until the summer. We shall see. Oh, and another thing, could anyone do something abou the wind? I don't need 45 mile an hour wind gusts and it seems like that is about all we have had around here for months.

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