Thursday, March 13, 2008

Millard South Soccer Player Signs her Letter of Intent!

Jackie Swanger, goalkeeper for Azzurri Mistral and Millard South, signed her letter of intent on Tuesday, March 11. I met Jackie and her parents in the Millard South conference room for the event. One of the assistant principals from Millard South was also there along with Jackie's high school coach, Kim Harrill. It was a beautiful day (for a change) and the sun was shining in the windows. A perfect setting for signing your life away (ha, ha--joke.) Jackie is a very good student and is going to study in the pre-vet program. Jackie actually practiced with the CSM soccer team a couple times in the fall. Our assistant coach, Kim Ernesti, has been Jackie's private keeper coach for a number of years and Coach Kim thought it would be good for her training to have some live shooting. It is also kind of a funny coincidence that our other keeper recruit (Mollie Jones from Columbus Scotus) is also going to study in the CSM pre-vet program. They will have much to discuss as Kim trains them.

We can't wait for Jackie (and everyone else) to start!

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