Monday, December 17, 2007

Recruiting Nebraska Soccer Players: CSM Soccer Coach Attends Great Workshop

Just got back from California where I attended the "Selling for Coaches" recruiting workshop. Dan Tudor, a recruiting "guru" gave us first-rate information that we can use to help us with our recruiting at the College of Saint Mary. Dan is a very knowledgeable individual and I learned a lot. It was very intense and I took a lot of notes. It will take me awhile to digest. I really believe my workshop experience will help us get a terrific 2008 recruiting class.

It was held at a place called "Coconut Joes" which was an island themed party room. One of the more humorous moments of the worshop was when one of the coaches (Lindsay) asked Dan if we could turn on the disco ball. He did. Dan did not disco dance (thank goodness) but we did finish the workshop "under the lights," so to speak.

A very practical piece given to us was a study Dan did called "Inside the Mind of Your College Prospects; a survey that really gets into the mind of what college recruits want and need. Useful, practical, wow. Fantastic job Dan!


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